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Quality Pallet Truck and Manual Handling Training

All of our training is provided at a nationally-recognised and certified level and we ensure all statutory Health and Safety legislative requirements are adhered to on-site.

We provide Pallet truck and manual handling courses, from the small local operations, logistic business to the national logistic corporate business in the following disciplines –

pallet truck training

 We can offer various courses Novice to Refresher, various courses are available

Hand pump truck, the most widely used of all through out the industry although only lifting to approximately  200mm high the majority can lift and move approx 2000kg in weight.

Electric Pallet trucks are able to lift and transport articles with ease, Low level in pedestrian mode or rider operated, Eye level once again in pedestrian or rider operated and high level in pedestrian or rider operated.

In this group you can find Straddle trucks, Low Level Order Pickers , long or short legs.


manual handling training

Reach trucks are custom designed to work in narrow aisle utilising valuable floor space, have a smaller turning circle than most trucks and a great lift height. They come in various guises: tilting cabs to enable better view when working at height, cameras on forks to aid view at height and height gauges. These trucks are electrically powered and are only suitable for working indoors on a sound level surface.

Our reach truck training and development is provided to a nationally recognised, accredited level, ensuring all statutory Health and Safety legislative requirements are adhered to whilst providing aid to businesses and their workforce whilst on site.

commercial Banksman

Being able to direct a moving vehicle with confidence using hand signals is a very important job. A great deal depends on the information you give the driver as you are his eyes and ears. Confined areas , blind corners other moving traffic and pedestrians are what you have to contend with.

Once again varied courses are available from novice to refresher. This course can stand you out from the rest and make you another important member of the team.

Slinging and signalling

Directing cranes with the use of hand signals or radio is once again a very important role in our industry. From small vehicle mounted lifting apparatus to larger this is a very demanding role.

This course covers varied slinging methods of varied loads and covering recognised hand signals .

HASWA , LOLER and PUWER are covered in this course as well.

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